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The Gloss Marketing Communications Approach

We are a different kind of marketing agency. For a start we’re boutique in nature, have a diverse skill-set and we partner with you to provide affordable  marketing solutions.

Just as the marketing world has streamlined how we do business, we have simplified the process of engaging marketing experts. Enjoy the convenience, clarity and cost effectiveness of working directly with us the Directors Katrina and Megan.

Everyday, we utilise our wealth of experience in marketing to help small businesses grow. We have a core focus on strategy development and outsource marketing, and utilising a cross channel approach to plan and execute marketing strategies to reach your goals.

We’re extremely results driven and flexible to your unique needs – utilise us for all your marketing requirements, or we can seamlessly collaborate with your existing suppliers. Being boutique, we naturally adapt our services to accommodate a wide range of requirements and budgets.

Find out more about us and our capabilities, then get in touch to put our experience to work for you.

About Gloss Marketing Communications

Hi, we’re Gloss Marketing Communications.

Having spent years working in various roles at other digital agencies, we’ve realised that all our clients really need to succeed is smart digital solutions (founded upon a wealth of digital experience), customised service and a relaxed environment! We give you all three.

As you can see, there are no rows of account managers. No ‘upper management’ hiding behind closed doors. We’ve stripped it all away to give you fast, direct access to the digital experts who will be helping your business grow – us!

Boutique is best

Being boutique digital marketing agency lets us truly partner with our clients, taking the time to understand your unique business dynamics and how we can help realise your true potential to boost your bottom line. And because you’re dealing directly with us the Directors of the company, there’s no huge overheads cranking up the cost of our services.

Whilst we are primarily a digital agency, we are equally adept in traditional ‘offline’ media (such as radio, print and outdoor), enabling us to create a truly multi-faceted marketing strategy that delivers the greatest return on investment. Everything we do is designed to engage your target market and generate serious results.

Keen to get started? We’re ready when you are!


From strategy development and social media management to full outsource marketing management, we have the solutions for your marketing requirements.

Digital Strategy Perth


This is the recommended first step for all clients. Having a smart strategy is like being handed a flashlight in the dark. In an instant, you can clearly see where you are going and have the ability to pre-empt and manoeuvre around any obstacles. It’s also giving you the most efficient route to your end destination, such as achieving key financial or growth objectives.

We will work with you to develop a strategy that aligns your unique business objectives with the effective use of digital channels. You can then choose to implement the strategy yourself or engage the services of Gloss Marketing Communications.

outsource marketing

Marketing Management

Gloss’ full marketing management (also known as outsource marketing) offers businesses an instant marketing department. From small projects to full programs we scale our resources to fit in with your business needs.

We develop the strategy, manage the schedule and execute the marketing activities, all while working hand in hand with you. Get the results and time to do what you do best and let Gloss undertake all of your marketing projects.

Outsource Social Media

Social Media

Social media presents one of the biggest opportunities to encourage brand participation and engagement online as it allows you to deliver content and messages to your audience.

We offer social media management, creating and executing effective strategies including all social media advertising.

Digital Marketing Perth


Digital is more than just a website. At Gloss we offer a full suite of digital services to help you increase your web presence and consumer engagement. From web design and email marketing through to content strategy, we customise your unique solution, no matter how large or small.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Increase your marketing effectiveness with a creative marketing campaign that is not only totally engaging but lets your audience know your brand is alive and kicking!

Gloss puts everything together for you. We will efficiently plan, design, launch and optimize your marketing campaign across multiple channels, ensuring you reach the right people with the right message.

Marketing Consultants Perth


Our marketing consulting is designed to help businesses who want to undertake their own marketing but need help with the strategy, initial setup or want ongoing suppport. Whether once off or monthly consulting, we can provide the right advice and guidance.



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